Organising a Professional Development Event

The coordination of the logistical delivery of the majority of APA courses is the responsibility of the Branch Professional Development Officer (PDO) of the state in which the course is held. SPA and MPA courses are coordinated at a National level with the exception of QLD, SA and NT. For SPA/MPA courses in these states please contact your local branch PDO.

For SPA/MPA courses outside of QLD, SA and NT please contact:

Sarah Tormey

Professional Development Officer

03 9092 0819

For a list of Branch PDOs please click here

Professional Development courses and workshops

In 2016 the APA made changes to the way the PD offering was managed. This enables members greater choice, better quality and easier forward planning for their PD requirements. Members can view the APA PD calendar at the beginning of the year.

To submit a suggestion for a new PD activity please contact the Product Development team on The Product Development team will determine suitability of adding further events to the PD calendar.

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Invoicing instructions for convenors and presenters

Sample timetable

Role of the course convenor

Instructions to course convenor on the participant survey

Advertising courses

Effective advertising of courses and lectures is vital to maximise the numbers of members participating in continuing professional development.
Provided complete information is to hand, we aim to advertise courses and lectures three months in advance.  On rare occasions this will not be possible due to the large volume of PD which National Groups are offering. Please note that centralised APA advertising is the only permissable way to promote your activity. There are also National Group Facebook pages and Committee networks that can be utilised as a way of further promotion.
For further information please contact your PDO.

Professional Development Lectures

All Professional Development Lectures are administered by your local state branch office.  Please contact your local state branch professional development officer (PDO) for assistance with organising your event.

Click here to view some general information on lecture events.
lecture booking form will need to be completed and sent to your state branch PDO.


A webinar is a form of seminar conducted over the internet. Participants will usually sit at their own computer and access a live or pre-recorded presentation.

Click here to view more information on presenting an APA Webinar.

If you would like to organise a webinar please complete a Webinar booking form and return to your local PD Officer or National Group Coordinator.