APA CPD Accreditation

2015 Submissions closing -accreditation applications will not be processed Monday 7 December 2014 – Wednesday 27 January 2015.

As stated in the APA Professional Development Guidelines, all events that are conducted under the auspices of the APA are required to pass the APA CPD Accreditation Process. Providers of Professional Development who would like to apply for Accreditation through the APA are expected to read the guidelines below, and complete the relevant application form. The completed application must be submitted to the APA National Office.

Application for accreditation should commence approximately 6 months before the intended date for delivery of the event.

APA National Group Professional Development

APA National Groups may apply for accreditation of events via the APA National Office (this is inclusive of all courses and workshops of any length).

Click here to download the Accreditation of Professional Development Manual – Internal Guide.

N.B. Course accreditation is a mechanism to ensure quality professional development activities and is a separate process from course administration and coordination.

Click here to download the Accreditation Form for Professional Development – Internal Provider.

External Providers of Professional Development

External providers of professional development can apply to have events reviewed through the APA National Office. An external event accredited by the APA must meet the same stringent standards and is subject to the same requirements as an accredited event conducted under the auspices of the APA.

APA members must be offered a reduced fee when an external course is accredited by the APA.

Benefits of accreditation for external providers include advertising in the APA Magazine, use of the Accredited by APA logo, and the opportunity for APA members to accrue continuing professional development (CPD) hours by attending.

Click here to download the Accreditation Form for Professional Development – External Provider.

APA Endorsed Professional Development Activity

If your professional development activity is 2 hours or less in length and only running once within a two year period, it can be endorsed by the APA office following receipt of information. An APA Endorsed PD Activity may also occur in exceptional circumstances with a longer course duration but was notified at short notice from an overseas esteemed academic/lecturer/clinician.

Application forms can be downloaded here:
APA Endorsed Professional Development Activity – APA National Group

APA Endorsed Professional Development Activity – External Provider

For further information about the current process please contact accreditation@physiotherapy.asn.au.