2015 APA Membership Categories and Fees

Our main membership category is 'Full-time Physiotherapist'. The majority of members will fall into this category.

Variations on the Physiotherapist category

There are variations on the 'Full-time Physiotherapist' category that result in a reduced rate. 
Your employer:
If you are a physiotherapist with principal place of practice one of the following: private or public hospital/public sector/ community/aged care/education provider or the like setting; May work up to an average of 4 hours per week in a private practice but excludes any person working in a contractor capacity (non-employee);
Your total hours of work:
If you work less than 18 hours per week, you will be eligible for a part-time rate (eg, 'Part-time physiotherapist', or 'Part-time government employed physiotherapist').
Your personal situation:
If you are a physiotherapist who is currently unemployed, on maternity/paternity leave or undertaking postgraduate study, you will select the applicable category under our Reduced Rate section. 
Your graduation year:
If you graduated within the last four years, you will be considered a graduate physiotherapist. Graduate categories are selected depending on your employer (eg, government-employed) and then on a sliding scale depending on when you graduated (eg, graduate first year, graduate second year). 

Eligibility for all members

In order to be eligible for APA membership, all members must:
agree to abide by the APA Constitution and Code of Conduct
be of good fame and character, and a fit and proper person to be a member of the Association 
have not had a criminal conviction recorded against them
have not had a ruling of unprofessional conduct, professional misconduct or unsatisfactory professional conduct (or similar), or a finding of grounds for disciplinary action (or similar), by the Physiotherapy Board of Australia or its equivalent or by their industry registration board.

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