APA Physios in the media

APA Physiotherapists are highly sought-after experts in their field. Below are media clips featuring commentary from our members.


No place for ageism in exercise prescription

Gym Click Media –13 October 2018

Lack of funds hits digital health options for arthritis sufferers

IT Wire –12 October 2018

Brooke Patterson speaks to ABC about managing ACL injuries

ABC 7.30 –10 October 2018


Not on our watch! Reader’s Digest slammed for ‘ageist’ article about over-50s

Starts at 60 –9 October 2018

Age is not a barrier to exercise

NT News –6 October 2018

Effective intervention starts with assessment

Australian Ageing Agenda –5 October 2018

Australian-first program offers remote access to multidisciplinary pain management

HealthTimes –4 October 2018

Dave Hall’s appearance on FIVEaa to discuss Workplace Ergonomics

FIVEaa –4 October 2018


How dangerous was Cooper’s broken scapula?

Radio 2GB –1 October 2018


How exercise keeps our brains and bodies young

The House of Wellness –11 September 2018

Physios support RACGP recommendations for exercise management of OA

HealthTimes –10 September 2018

Prescribed exercise from a physiotherapist supports better mental health

HealthTimes –10 September 2018

Bladder Health 101: Tips to Improve Bladder Control

Female.com.au –9 September 2018

Changing the playing field - the growing role of a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist

HealthTimes –6 September 2018

This year World Physiotherapy Day – Saturday 8 September – focuses on the role physiotherapists play in supporting people with a range of mental health conditions

GymClick Media –4 September 2018

Stroke survivors lacking physical activity at risk

Warkwick Daily News –4 September 2018

Research giving babies a heads up

The Age –1 September 2018


Tradies health month has successful Teys sessions

The Naracoorte Herald –30 August 2018

Taking care of our tradies

Border Chronicle –22 August 2018

Fighting like the X-Men

Rouse Hill Times –22 August 2018

Exercise just what the doctor ordered

Westside News –15 August 2018

Taking care of our Tatiara Tradies

Border Chronicle –14 August 2018

You think you're invincible': how the job is taking a toll on tradies

MSN News –6 August 2018

Tradies take care of their tools more than they take care of their health, study reveals

Safety Culture –3 August 2018

No tradies, being in pain is not part of your job!

RN Life Matters –2 August 2018

Medicare submission calls for red tape reduction

HealthTimes –1 August 2018

STUDY | Tradies Care More About Their Tools Than Themselves

Hitz FM –1 August 2018


IBASafe a long-term approach to brewing safety

BrewsNews –31 July 2018

Brooke Patterson discusses the rise in ACL injuries for girls aged 10-19

ABC1 Melbourne – The Weekly With Charlie Pickering –July 29 2018

GPs and physiotherapists – teaming up to fight chronic pain

RACGP –24 July 2018

Pain put in the spotlight

NT News –24 July 2018

The ‘invisible’ but chronic health issue

Your Life Choices –24 July 2018

How to avoid injuries from 'overfilled' reusable shopping bags

Yahoo!7 –22 July 2018

The 'body whisperer' helped countless Australian athletes achieve their personal best

The Sydney Morning Herald –15 July 2018

Physios urged to get behind National Tradies Month

HealthTimes –8 July 2018

Why Some Experts Are Saying Perfect Posture Is A Myth

Women’s Health –5 July 2018

Weekend physio instrumental in subacute rehabilitation

HealthTimes –5 July 2018

Healthy bones at every age

Retail Pharmacy –4 July 2018

Exercise could be the key to ending lower back pain

SBS Insight –4 July 2018

Shan Morrison, FACP, interview on Best Medicine - Continence

88.3 Southern FM –4 July 2018

MYTH BUSTED: Exercise isn't harmful for people with knee osteoarthritis

SBS Insight –4 July 2018

The pelvic flaw in all of us

‘Ladies, We Need To Talk’ Podcast –3 July 2018

Health: hands on

Australian House & Garden –3 July 2018

Healthy from the start: 10 fun ideas for getting kids active

9 Coach –3 July 2018


It doesn’t have to be this way

Retail Pharmacy –22 June 2018

Most dreaded diagnosis

Riverine Herald –15 June 2018

How physiotherapists can help patients avoid addictive pain medications

Health Times –7 June 2018

Physios' role highlighted during World Incontinence Week

Health Times –7 June 2018

Ballarat physiotherapist recognised in Stroke Foundation Awards

Rural Health Partyline –4 June 2018


Exercise makes a difference to cancer outcomes: here’s how to add it to standard care

Croakey –28 May 2018

My mindful physio career – By APA member Georgie Davidson

My Health Career –26 May 2018

Getting a better understanding of residents’ palliative care needs

Australian Aging Agenda –23 May 2018

ACL is a year or a career: Do the rehab or do it again

RiverineHerald –21 May 2018

How do you know when surgery is the best option and who makes the call?

SBS Insight –15 May 2018

Comparing the safety and effectiveness of Australian physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths

HealthTimes –10 May 2018

Neurological physiotherapy: how it works

HealthTimes –8 May 2018

Carrying backpacks doesn’t cause back pain in children and teenagers

The Conversation –3 May 2018


Why experts are calling for you to break up with your couch

Domain –30 April 2018

Is walking enough exercise?

9Honey –23 April 2018

How to fix that dizzy feeling

Women’s Fitness –23 April 2018

SBS News interview with Jennie Hewitt, APAM, regarding falls prevention and the role of physiotherapy in aged care

SBS ONE –21 April 2018

Let’s get flexible: Why stretching is good for you

PerthNow –21 April 2018

Interview with Melissa McConaghy, FACP.

88.3 Southern FM – Best Medicine(segment begins at 19:00 min and ends at 34:30 min) –Tuesday 17 April 2018

Go on, take a break: your life could quite literally depend on it

Women’s Fitness –16 April 2018

WA junior sports urged to tone down contact for fear of lifelong injuries

WA Sunday Times –15 April 2018

How the NDIA Independent Pricing Review will affect the quality of care provided to disabled people

My Health Career –12 April 2018

How to pick the perfect pillow for every sleeping position

Channel 9, Today Extra –12 April 2018

Ride to raise awareness of chronic back pain

The Senior –11 April 2018

Smart socks offer hope for remote patients with chronic pain

ABC online –9 April 2018

Strength Training For Two During Your Pregnancy

The Carousel –9 April 2018

Adding dry needling to your therapy practice

Health Times –9 April 2018

Physios integral at Commonwealth Games

Health Times –4 April 2018



Want your kids to do well this year? Get them physically active!

P42-43 Peninsula Kids, Autumn 2018 –Thursday 29 March 2018

Lorimer Moseley, FACP discussing Lower Back Pain.

The Project (segment begins at 29:08 min) –22 March 2018


How to bend over better and save your lower back

Coach –Wednesday 21 March 2018

Fresh daily with Tom and Sarah Maree

Interview with Hayley Irving, APA titled Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist about endometriosis.

K Rock 95.5 –Thursday 15 March 2018

Breakfast with Jacinta Parsons and Sami Shah

Interview with physiotherapist Linda Denehy, APAM

774 ABC Melbourne –Wednesday 14 March 2018

Perth dad Gwynne Erasmus learns to walk again despite suffering rare nervous disorder

The West Australian –Tuesday 13 March 2018

AFLW player wins PRF grant to study ACL injuries

HealthTimes –8 March 2018

Physios asked to ‘show empathy’ for codeine-seeking patients

Australian Journal of Pharmacy –7 March 2018

The health issue Medicare ignores

Your Life Choices –6 March 2018


Doesn’t stand up? Standing desks ‘increase pain, reduce mental functioning’, study finds

Herald Sun, Courier Mail, Advertiser, Daily Telegraph, The Mercury (all News Corp publications) –26 February 2018

More than a ‘wee’ problem

Women’s Fitness –26 February 2018

Physiotherapy helping children's brains as well as their bodies

Health Times –8 February 2018

New approach needed for musculoskeletal treatments

Aged Care Insite –7 February 2018

Reflections on the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s reconciliation journey

The Health Advocate –February 2018

How heavy school backpacks are hurting our kids

Essential Kids –6 February 2018

APA National President Phil Calvert discusses how physiotherapy can help with acute and chronic pain management

ABC Southern Queensland –2 February 2018


Mandurah Physiotherapy sports therapist Libby Soderholm says technology causing pain for students

Mandurah Mail –30 January 2018

Tips for choosing school backpack

The Armidale Express –30 January 2018

Bellingen Shire Courier-Sun –30 January 2018

Blue Mountains Gazette –30 January 2018

Ararat Advertiser –30 January 2018

The Avon Valley Advocate –30 January 2018

The Area News –30 January 2018

Camden Haven Courier –30 January 2018

Dungog Chronicle –30 January 2018

Barossa Herald –30 January 2018

The Northern Daily Leader –30 January 2018

Vocal Physiotherapy – interview with physiotherapist Annie Strauch

Afternoons with Richelle Hunt, ABC Radio Melbourne (segment begins at 38 minutes) –23 January 2018

How to choose the right school bag and shoes

Kidspot –17 January 2018

Through focused care, physiotherapists can help close the health gap for Aboriginal communities

HealthTimes –16 January 2018

What you need to know about physiotherapy

Stay at home mum –10 January 2018

How to choose the right mattress for your back

realeastate.com.au –8 January 2018

Neck pain solutions - interview with Physiotherapist Tim Dettmann

Today Show –7 January 2018

How to run injury-free – APA physio and Commonwealth Games runner Lauren Shelley

Women’s Fitness –1 January 2018


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