Physios teaching GPs about back pain: a clarification

A clarification from Dr Scott Masters on the Australian Doctor article 'Physios teaching GPs about back pain', 22 November 2012.

'Recently I was given an opportunity to discuss the current National Prescribing Service arrangements to educate GP's with a journalist from Australian Doctor. I currently head up the musculoskeletal special interest group (MSIG) for the National Faculty of Special Interests (RACGP Faculty), one of our major roles is to facilitate propagation of 'gold standard' education on MS matters.

The discussion with the journalist was frank and centered on disappointments many doctors had with the narrow focus of the NPS education model and the 'single message' nature. This was the background to some more specific comments on the current NPS initiative on acute LBP. The MSIG was disappointed that we were not asked to participate with the role out of the NPS workshops on this very important topic. We believe that the ideal presentation would have been a combination of physio and doctor. This has worked very well in the past.

I currently have a physiotherapist working in my musculoskeletal clinic, work with a physiotherapist in a multidisciplinary spinal pain clinic, and have a daughter doing a physiotherapy degree. I enjoy working collaboratively with the profession and will continue to advocate for their importance in multidisciplinary care.'

Dr Scott Masters
Chair, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Musculoskeletal Medicine Special Interest Group.